Saturday, December 2, 2006

The Cosmic Muffin

Well here I am on the blogosphere, thanks primarily to CruiserMel and LezLee.

I'm a veteran of message boards and am accustomed to the faster pace of that format which is why I have resisted starting a Blog for sooo long. But in the infamous words of Kinky Friedman, "Why the Hell Not".

While I don't have the drama of some folks on the web, I do have a husband, a 8 year old son and a 20 year old daughter (who is expecting her first child in May) which consistently provide fodder for my, and hopefully your, entertainment.

So lets launch this Ship.

I'll begin by telling you a the history of my screen name or: The Continuing Saga of Desdemona's "Cosmic Muffin" -- or How To Convert Howard Hughes's Airplane Into A Floating Jimmy Buffet Namesake.

The Boeing 307 Stratoliner: Only ten such aircraft were produced in the late 1930's. In addition to being one of the first four-engine airliners, it was also the first airliner to feature a pressurized cabin.

The Eccentric Howard Hughes Jr.: Hughes acquired his own Boeing 307 Stratoliner in 1939. The interior was converted into an executive office layout. Actress Rita Hayworth added her own woman's touch to the aircraft's d├ęcor. In 1949, Howard Hughes sold his "office on wings" to Houston oil man Glenn McCarthy.

Through the years the aircraft was clobbered by Hurricane Cleo in 1964, neglected and corroded in the tropical air of south Florida. Attempts at restoration to flight were unsuccessful, but in 1974 it was converted into a motoring yacht. Further extensive restoration was completed in 1981 by David Drimmer.

Enter Florida Folk Hero Jimmy Buffett: In his many travels, Tropical Troubadour and Florida Folk Hero Jimmy Buffett had noticed Drimmer's 'plane-boat". He was so struck by the uniqueness of this vessel that he paid it homage in his 1992 novel, "Where Is Joe Merchant?".

In this novel, Florida Keys sea boat pilot Frank Bama and his former girl friend Trevor Kane begin to search for Kane's brother, rock musician Joe Merchant, who allegedly committed suicide by throwing himself off of a cruise ship in the Black Sea. Not so! One of Merchant's former band members, Desdemona, claimed otherwise.

Desdemona "lived" on Drimmer's plane-boat on the island of Boomtown on the windward coast of Hispanola. But this was more than just a "plane-boat". You see, Desdemona was being channeled by aliens from the Plaides (or "Seven Sisters") to construct a spaceship to take her to the Plaides, and the "plane-boat" which she named "Cosmic Muffin" was to be that rocket ship! In honor of Desdemona's rocket ship to be, the boys from the Boomtown boatyard presented her with a blue jump suit that said "Build Spaceships Now".

As a token of his appreciation for Buffett's description of his plane-boat in this novel, Drimmer renamed the craft to "Cosmic Muffin", a name it retains to this day.

(Thanks to William Moriaty and for the history of the "Cosmic Muffin".)

So there it is...(actually, Desdemona is also in a little play that Shakespeare wrote, more about her another day. *wink*)


CruiserMel said...

Dez! Welcome! The story of the planeboat is too cool! Love it!

Okay - so it's not fair that your blog looks better than mine. I haven't figured out how to show links to my fave blogs - but as soon as I do, you'll be on the list.

Have a great time!

Dezdmona said...

Awe CruizerMel, your too kind.
You'll have to come over & I'll show you about linking. We'll have a few Margarita's & have a marathon DVD watching party. *wink*

Maybe we'll even find that lost shaker of salt.

CruiserMel said...

I may not know about the linking stuff yet - but I was able to list my favorite blogs. Check it out - you're there.

But the idea of some adult bevs and DVDs is tempting......

JMN77 said...

Very cool Dez! Thanks for the link and the good story. :)